114 North Main Street
Henderson, KY 42420

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The Henderson Ky Chamber of Commerce's Agriculture Committee, headed by Dr. Katy Groves Mussat, has partnered with the Chamber's Adhoc Committee on Social Equity and Thrive Non Profit Medical Center on a community garden located at Audubon KidZone.
The plants were donated by Day’s Garden Center and Thrive Nonprofit Medical Center. As all of us gardeners know, the hardest thing about gardening is maintaining - through, watering, weeds, and controlling pests in the hot summer. Together we have worked as a team to ensure that this garden plot remains attractive and abundant in an urban area that may not have much exposure to gardening. Tammy Sutton, director of AKZ reports that the children love the new garden addition, and are very curious about the plants and micro-environment of the raised beds. 
Our divide-and-conquer team includes - Dr. Rebecca Hopper of Thrive Non Profit Medical Center; Dr. Michelle Chappell and Cyndee Burton, both of the Chamber's Adhoc Social Equity Committee; Dr. Katy Groves Mussat, April Nelson, and JT Payne (and HCHS agriculture students) of the Chamber Agriculture Committee. 
We are happy to report that the garden is doing well, and the only pest is currently a kitty that is using the raised beds as a restroom. 
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