The Henderson Chamber of Commerce is delighted to present the recipients of the 2021 Educator of the Year Awards

Postsecondary Educator of the Year

presented by Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Dr. Carole Mattingly, Henderson Community College

Dr. Mattingly's academic career has focused on healthcare education excellence.  As HCC's Allied Health Division Chair and member of the college's Leadership Team, she maintains responsibility for maintaining a high standard of excellence and a culture of continuous improvement within the college's allied health programs.

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Rookie Educator of the Year

presented by Alexander Thompson Arnold

J.T. Payne, Henderson COunty High School

JT focuses on developing his students as a whole through his classroom and FFA. While Academic excellence is a certainly a focus of his classroom, - leadership, communication and career skills are taught on a daily basis. He has worked with administrators to bring more hands-on opportunities for students – such as pet grooming stations, agri biology lab and live rabbits that students raise to learn genetics, showmanship and animal care. Mr Payne’s greatest strength in his role is his passion for enhancing education through community partnerships and investing in the community through the use of education. His passion for education and HCHS to be the best led to his efforts to revise course offerings for agriculture students that align with the job opportunities of the surrounding areas.Students love coming to his classes each and every day.


Support Educator of the Year

presented by Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group

Shawna Evans, Henderson county High School

Shawna impacts student achievement by doing all she can to break down barriers.  Shawna recognizes and celebrates even the smallest achievements because she genuinely cares about our student body and wants them to feel a sense of belonging.  She does whatever it takes so that they can succeed in school and not worry about outside obstacles that might take their focus off learning.  Shawna always promotes the spirit of Colonel pride for all Henderson Schools – she was a HCHS cheerleader. Class of 92 and never misses an opportunity to spread positive energy, kind word and a smile to all. She doesn’t think twice about giving of her personal time to help all of us. 


VEteran Educator of the Year

presented by Independence Bank

Conner Mattingly, Henderson county High School

Conner is such an asset to our kids, our staff our school and our community. He always exudes the same attitude of optimism. He is relentless in his efforts to GET BETTER... better in the classroom,  better in their personal lives and just better in all they do.He has helped students develop a love and fondness for being a Colonel.He engages kids in a way that is never condescending, but is in instead authentic and appropriate to their age. Conner is so passionate about helping students develop skills like responsibility, personal accountability, and communication and problem solving skills in his work as leader of the Student Ambassadors.His work and efforts are so valued and trusted by his colleagues – they voted him on HCHS Site Based Decision Making Council. His acts of support and encouragement are just part of who he is! 


Educator winners HCHS 2021